When it comes to planning, most people think the only investments they can use to grow and protect their wealth are with stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

They are also led to believe by traditional advisors that the best place to acquire those investments are within their employer’s 401k, an IRA or Roth IRA. At A Acadian Assurance, we feel that nothing could be further from the truth.

We stand behind the belief that very few people amass significant wealth utilizing traditional Wall Street Based investments, so why try and beat the odds? There are better, safer ways to increase wealth and that’s all we focus on at A Acadian Assurance. We deliver better investment returns with a lot less risk, and we have no shortage of clients that can vouch for that statement.

Our goal is to teach you how to get better returns with a lot less risk, dramatically increase your liquidity, and deliver greater tax efficiencies. We want you to learn how to do this with no change to your existing cash flow, without subjecting yourself to the volatility of Wall Street or from using annuities. 

It is easier than you think, and applicable regardless of your age. If you work with us to implement a better financial plan you will improve your long-term financial outlook more than you thought possible. 

We’ll show you how to dramatically increase your liquidity, and how to enjoy greater tax efficiencies. We will show you how to do this without changing your existing cash flow, without subjecting yourself to the volatility of Wall Street and without using annuities!

But it’s not just about the investment vehicles. It’s about dealing with a financial professional that has a proven investment track record himself. Who would you rather take financial advice from? Someone that has made the majority of their income from the commissions generated off of their clients or a person that has a proven track record of successful investing themselves, in addition to making money from a large client base? The choice is obvious. In short, we have game experience to share and most advisors can not make the same statement. It’s that simple. We’ve made money for ourselves outside of the market and it’s easier than you think. Regardless of your age or investable assets, if you work with us to implement a better financial plan, you will improve your long-term financial outlook more than you ever thought possible.

About A Acadian Assurance and Brad Thibodaux and Associates

A Acadian Assurance and Brad Thibodaux and Associates was founded in 1965 by then president Bradley Joseph Thibodaux.  In 1996, Cody C. Biggs joined the firm and continues to add to the products, solutions and strategies utilized to help our clients protect and grow their assets. 

Embarking on a career as an independent advisor is not necessarily out of the ordinary, but Biggs’ intended path for his clients was anything but ordinary.  In 2004 the stock market was performing well, the housing and real estate markets were healthy, yet Biggs passionately structured A Acadian Assurance to offer alternative safe investments to traditional investments that capitalize on the real estate or stock markets.  We are now providers of wholesale institutional asset classes directly to both qualified institutional investors, family offices and in certain instances accredited individual investment professionals.  

The result has been clients working with an independent boutique firm led by an independent advisor who delivers what our clients have come to view as a better financial plan.  Plans that offer investments that compete extremely well with traditional plans like 401Ks or IRAs, but frequently outperform the stock market over the long run. Plans that offer greater liquidity and decrease tax liability on the way to what, for many, can become a tax-free retirement.

Our team has a measurable advantage when presenting our truly alpha investments to our sophisticated clientele. Our team has proven through action our undying commitment to service.  Our focus is on presenting you with honest, reputable opportunities that have been time tested.


About Cody Biggs


Cody C. Biggs, financial entrepreneur and president of A Acadian Assurance and president of Brad Thibodaux and Associates believes in making your money work hard for you right now.  If it's locked up in retirement accounts or used to pay ahead on your mortgage, it can't be accessed until much later in life..and this kind of waiting is just not Biggs' style.

An honors graduate of Baton Rouge Magnet, Biggs began his career in the insurance industry.  Soon he began studying wealth management in earnest by enrolling in seminars, reading books, and researching unorthodox money management tactics.  Testing his unique ideas on his own accounts proved profitable and he began sharing it with his friends, family and clients. 

Touting his own matchless brand of unconventional investing, Biggs quickly amassed a significant client base of smart investors who, like himself, could see there was a better way to achieve a lucrative retirement than with the typical cookie cutter plans.  Biggs holds his knowledge close to his vest, saving his best information and ideas for his clients.  

The strategies that Biggs has developed puts his clients on a path to a better financial plan and, for many, a tax free retirement. The seemingly unconventional wisdom from Biggs might include forgoing the traditional route of placing money into long term savings options like the company sponsored 401K, individual IRAs, or other tax qualified accounts. Most importantly, A Acadian Assurance will teach you how to get greater returns on your investments while decreasing investment risk.

 The key to our offering a better financial plan is ensuring that your money is working for you, a phrase that is overused yet under delivered.  Biggs and A Acadian Assurance have developed an approach that helps make the desire for ‘hard working money’ a reality.  Delivering liquid investments that many times offer a tax-free retirement.

Can You Answer Yes To Any Of The Following:
I'd like my financial plan to help me...

  • Stop losing money on my investments
  • Give me the retirement I've always dreamed of
  • Gain peace of mind over my family's financial future
  • Know if I am saving enough money
  • Be confident that I'm saving money with the best possible approach
  • Prioritize my savings to ensure I meet my short term and long term savings

If so, then A Acadian Assurance’s financial plan is right for you.


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