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The Senior Life Settlement

We have a client base of 100′s of individual and qualified accredited investors with well over $100 million invested in this asset class.

Our reputation for thoroughness and integrity in the field of life settlements is second to none, period. We are proud of the methodology we have devised for preservation of principal and capital and maximizing return potential for our investors. It works reliably because it includes:

  • Buying policies issued only by “A-rated” U.S. companies

  • Selecting policies with insured’s being at least 80 years old modeled to be profitable well into their 90′s

  • Utilizing a Trust Company that makes the investments independent of our company

  • Creating reserve accounts to assure policy premiums are paid

  • Employing an escrow agent to assure funds are implemented properly for every transaction

  • Retaining a trustee known for meticulous accountability, experience and excellence

A Business Built on a Bedrock of Benefit and a Win-Win Scenario


Now, instead of being able to receive only $100,000 on a $1,000,000 policy, the insured might expect to receive $250,000 from investors. The investors would then hold the policy until the insured passed away, at which point the policy would mature and the investors would collect the face value of $1,000,000. That type of transaction was known as a “viatical settlement”, defined as the purchase of an insurance policy from an insured with a diagnosis of a terminal illness.
Expanding the Range of Opportunity and Benefit

Expanding the Range of Opportunity and Benefit


In the mid-90s, another step in this evolution took place. The industry recognized the ability for seniors who do not necessarily have terminal illnesses, but in many cases, have limited life expectancies, to benefit from the same type of transaction. This transaction became known as a “life settlement”, and it was pioneered by a wholesale buying agent and the concept of a “secondary market for life insurance” was born in 1997. Now the concept has become widely accepted and we are proud to be able to offer our clients the Senior Life Settlements asset class.

The life settlement transaction rapidly gained popularity with investors. While the time frame of a viatical settlement could potentially extend far beyond investor expectations due to medical advances, life settlements provided a more finite window because, simply stated, there is no cure for old age. Also, life settlements were attractive to senior policy holders for two primary reasons:

1.    Many seniors needed money to meet rising medical costs; and
2.   More seniors found themselves over-insured due to changes in estate tax laws.

In both cases, seniors found strong motivation to seek life settlement solutions and enjoyed substantial benefit as a result. More than just a better alternative than surrender value, they found life settlements to be the best financial option for their unique situation.

Since its inception, there has never been a failed transaction, and ALL matured polices have paid the contracted death benefit. We believe this experience, infrastructure, and intellectual capital give it a unique market position and will enable it to maintain sustainable growth within the life settlement market.  We offer qualified accredited investors access to the non-correlated returns of senior life settlements through participation in one of our life settlement funds.

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